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Uncle Julio’s introduces new take on Chocolate Piñata

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Mexican restaurant Uncle Julio’s is serving up a new version of its interactive dessert.

The Chocolate Piñata, which was first introduced in 2016, is a chocolate shell stuffed with churros and fruit. The dessert is served suspended from a metal hook along with dipping sauces and whipped cream — plus an all important “bat” for cracking open the shell.

The idea here is that once the shell is cracked open, the treats inside tumble out for everyone to enjoy.

Uncle Julios has now upped the ante with the Chocolate Lover’s Piñata, available at select locations.

This new version appears to include strawberries and churros, but instead of pineapple like its older sister, features what the restaurant calls chocolate empanadas and is also accompanied with chocolate fudge dipping sauce.