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Viewers can binge Roku and food with new DoorDash partnership

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Streaming platform Roku has signed a multi-year deal with DoorDash that includes free memberships and, eventually, interactive shoppable ads for food.

While the ads are a bit farther down the road, Roku subscribers will initially be offered a free six-month DashPass subscription. In exchange for a monthly fee, DashPass gives members free delivery from eligible businesses on orders over $12.

Free subscriptions to DashPass are already available through various other partnerships, including with eligible credit cards.

Once the fully interactive ads launch, restaurants will be able to target ads to specific demographics. DoorDash also plans to offer analytical tools so advertisers can measure the success of their campaigns.

In the meantime, fast food restaurant Wendy’s is offering users who see its traditional ads $5 off any order that’s more than $15.

The partnership comes after research showed that watching streaming content is often associated with eating. By showing users advertising for food in the middle of programming, the two partners hope to spur both commercial revenues and return on investment for advertisers by targeting users when, at least hopefully, their stomachs start growling.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.