Flow alkaline water is new approach to packaged water.

  • The comes from a spring in Bruce County, Ontario, Canada.
  • Before being gathered, the water is filtered naturally at the source.
  • While collecting the water, Flow double filters it and uses UV treatment, a process that is repeated once it gets to the filling facility.
  • The water has an alkaline pH of 8.1, which the site says helps keep you balanced thanks to electrolytes and minerals.
  • The company’s waters are all packaged in a Tetra Pak recyclable container with a plant-based cap.
  • Flow is available “plain” or with organic essences.
  • None of Flow’s products have any calories, juice or sweeteners.
  • Flow is available for shipment via one-time purchases or subscriptions, which include a 10% discount.
  • New customers are also eligible for a 20% discount through this link.
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