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What’s inside of Popeye’s ‘Emotional Support Chickens’?

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Traveling over the holidays is enough to make anyone fly the coop — but Popeye’s is hoping to help out at least some travelers.

  • A Popeyes location at the Philadelphia International Airport is selling what it calls an “Emotional Support Chicken” package.
  • The package, which comes in a chicken-shaped cardboard carrier, contains three pieces of the restaurant’s tenders.
  • “We know holiday travel can be frustrating, and there’s no better way to ease stress than with a box of delicious Popeyes fried chicken and a good laugh,” said Hope Diaz, CMO of Popeyes, in a news release on Tuesday.
  • “We appreciate how comforting emotional support animals are and wanted to create our own version. The good news is that our emotional support chicken is permitted to fly without any restrictions – one less worry for busy travelers,” Diaz said.
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