Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign logo design

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Bernie Sanders brought back the logo from his 2016 presidential election bid for his 2020 run.

  • The logo, which notably features the informal “Bernie” — without a last name — is set a thick sans serif.
  • Beneath this is a blue and red swish.
  • The dot on the “I,” meanwhile, is replaced with a star.
  • While the design is clean and — at least to some — iconic, it also has some odd irregularities between thicknesses in the type and the swishes.
  • The same goes for the star, which seems rather week against the rest of the design.
  • The “B” also seems a bit out of proportion with the rest of the characters.
  • In addition, the odd gaps between the swishes and baseline of the letters is a bit odd, and creates awkward trapped whitespace between the “r” and “n.”