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BMW sheds the shine in its new logo

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

Automobile manufacturer BMW has released a new, flatter iteration of its logo.

The redesign represents the first update in over two decades, though the logo has retained the same basic format going back farther than that.

The new design removes the bold black ring around the blue and white quadrants in the center in favor of a transparent one.

Also gone are the beveled edge effects and subtle “shine” effect.

The letters “BMW” have also been refined a bit.

The new design is meant to “radiate more openness and clarity,” according to a statement from BMW’s senior vice president of customer and brand Jans Thiemer.

It’s also meant to convey the German company’s “significance and relevance for mobility and driving pleasure in the future.”

The company plans to use the new look on its corporate communications, including social media.

However, the company has “no plans” to use the new design on perhaps the most profile application — BMW’s cars themselves, reports CNN.

That said, the new design did appear on the concept version of its upcoming i4 electric car.

BMW said using the more transparent logo design on the new vehicle, which is slated to roll out in 2021, allows the car’s color to really shine.