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Google Maps gets a new logo for its 15th birthday

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

Google Maps got a new logo design Feb. 6, 2020 as part of its 15th anniversary celebration.

The new design takes the familiar round top “pin” and makes it the sole graphical element aside from the logotype in Google’s bespoke font.

The logo was updated on the Google Maps website and its favicon as well as the various mobile apps.

For years, Google has used a square shape with a green field in the upper left dissected by yellow and white “roads” and a blue “body of water” at the bottom — and a giant red “pin” in the upper right set against a mid-gray.

Many of these colors remain in the new logo, which uses the center of the “pin” as the intersection of a blue to yellow “line” with a red and slightly darker blue above.

For its mobile apps, the icon also has another change — it’s now a white box with the “pin” icon in the middle, a design that better matches most of Google’s other mobile apps.