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Google’s Stadia logo design

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Despite some initial comparisons to the ubiquitous — if not infamous — 1990s paper cup designs, Google’s gaming streaming logo design actually has some multiple meanings.

  • Google took the name “Stadia” from the plural of “stadium” — a solid reference to sports.
  • The icon designed for the Stadia logo is, at first glance, a back and forth brushstroke that does indeed draw visions of those teal and purple cup designs.
  • However, upon closer inspection, the logo actually forms an “S” (albeit a slightly off-kilter one).
  • It also can, more abstractly, be read as the tiers or circular shape of a stadium — or maybe the Guggenheim Museum in New York City (which, in fairness, actually has a bit of a stadium-like feel to it).
  • In color versions of the logo, the icon takes on an orange and magenta gradient.
  • The logotype, meanwhile, is a clean, modern logo with slightly rounded corners.
  • Google also opted out of include any Google reference in the look — with the possible exception that the “S” could be read as a “G” (depending on how creative you get).