Grubhub transitioning to parent company’s look

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Food delivery services Grubhub and Seamless are rolling out a new logo and branding identity — with plans calling for one of them to be phased out.

The move follows Just Eat’s 2020 acquisition of Grubhub, which adds to JET’s global portfolio of food delivery companies.

To emphasis the new family of brands, Grubhub is dropping its red color for JET’s orange shade and also adding the house icon found next to its corporate logo and its website.

It is keeping its bold, all caps typography, however.

The house itself features the outline of a fork and knife.

AllMenus, which Grubhub owns, already features those utensils in a similar layout, but the actual shapes of the implements are slightly different. It’s also sticking with its blue color scheme for now.

Seamless, which Grubhub also owns, is switching to orange and the house icon as well, also dropping its red scheme — but it will keep its logotype for now.

However, JET indicated it plans to phase out the Seamless brand in the future after Grubhub’s significant investment in advertising.

The Seamless name was particular popular in New York City, but the company has been running more Grubhub themed advertising there and tracking is showing that more New Yorkers are identifying with the Grubhub brand.

Meanwhile, Grubhub’s LevelUp, which began life as an alternate POS payment and loyalty service and has since transitioned as the company’s “development shop,” appears to be keeping its logo, as is Menupages.

If this seems confusing, it is. Analysts have already expressed doubt over how the company will juggle rebranding across multiple countries.

Also, despite a huge spike in demand for food delivery during the pandemic, food delivery companies still struggle to make money and have lost billions over the years.