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HBO Max logo design

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

With WarnerMedia settling on “HBO Max” as the name for its streaming service, a new logo design was also released.

  • The lockup features the longtime HBO logo in the upper left inside of a rectangular outline with rounded corners.
  • The word “Max” is spelled out below in a curvy font.
  • The letters are filled in with a blue to red gradient.
  • This gradient is also carried through in the outline around the HBO logo, but not the logo itself.
  • The design also features an exaggerated “X” at the end of the design that’s about one and a half times as wide as the other letters.
  • In some ways, the curves in the word “Max” including the “a” mirror the heavier HBO logo.
  • However, the design also ignores some of the stronger elements of the HBO logo, including the large dot in the “O” and bold strokes.