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Joe Biden’s campaign logo design turns ‘E’s into stripes

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Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign logo design blends a strong, bold sans serif with three red “stripes” in place of the “E” — in two different lockups.

  • The new logo, released Thursday, April 25, 2019, has a “main” version with “Biden” in as strong, angular and geometric sans serif.
  • Below is the word “President” in all caps — notably eliminating the word “for.”
  • In place of the “E” in “Biden,” however, are three horizontal red bars that mimic the horizontal lines found in the “E.”
  • However, the vertical line on the left side of the “E” is eliminated and the red stripes continue to the left before being cut off by a curved space that follows the shape of the right side of the “D.”
  • An alternative version, uses simply “Joe” in all caps.
  • Here, the “E” is once again replaced with the stripes design, with the curve following the “O” instead of the “D.”
  • In some versions of the this smaller look, which is also suited before for avatar or icon applications, the year “2020” appears below.
  • The logo, meanwhile, is based on the font Brother 1816.