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Noom appears to be moving away from its ‘dotted’ logo

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Noom — the “not a diet” lifestyle company that’s designed to help people lose weight — appears to be experimenting with or rolling out a new logo.

The new logo has been spotted on the company’s homepage and survey as well as TV advertising, but the old, dotted logo still appears on social media profiles and much of its website as of July 15, 2021.

The dotted logo, which is often shown in either orange or blue, which uses a myriad of orange circles to make up the word “Noom” in all lowercase, has been in use since 2014, according to the company.

The new logotype switches to all capital letters and the forms become solid, but flowing lines.

Meanwhile, the company also appears to be shifting to a more organic color palette with tan and dark green added in, while a bolder orange shade is used for primary calls to action.

Fonts are now Brown LL sans serif and Klim’s Untitled Serif serif.

The company also appears to be moving away from the blue dot and “sun” icon that have been used in its branding and marketing. Instead, the new icon appears to be two dark green circles — one smaller than the other.

In some ways, the design looks a bit like a molecule, but it can also be read as the two “Os” from the company name.