Paris releases 2024 Olympics logo and people are confused

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Paris2024 Summer Olympics Committee has released a new logo design — and it’s reminding people of some other things.

  • The logo includes the words “Paris 2024” in a distinct typeface with a gold circle with flames inside of it.
  • However, social media has already noticed that the logo looks a bit like dating app Tinder’s.
  • Others have compared it to a woman’s face.

  • Prior to the latest release, Paris used the logo above during its bid to win the games.
  • This logo featured a colorful glyph that forms both “24” while also conjuring the imagery of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Below this is a bolder “Paris 2024” logotype.
  • While each host city designs its own logo, some broadcast networks, including NBC in the U.S. design their own separate logo for coverage fo the games.