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Pulte Homes builds redesigned logo

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

Pulte Homes, a leading builder of semi-custom residential homes in the U.S, introduced a new logo design in early 2020.

The new design retains the basic footprint and design elements of the old design, but features bolder, cleaner typography and an easier-to-read roofline and chimney accent.

The new design drops of serif typeface in favor of a custom draw Pulte logotype that still keeps the lowercase “L” and “T” tucked into the pinnacle of the “roof” above it.

The “T,” meanwhile, has had its left crossbar removed to create a stronger vertical line when placed next to the lowercase “L.”

The word “Homes” now appears in all caps and takes the full width of the word “Pulte” above it, a choice that conveys the sense of a two level “house” — albeit one with a “lighter” first floor thanks to the slightly narrower lines of the second line.

Previously, the word was in a difficult to read script typeface that often ran in a lighter shade (that made it even more difficult to read).

The “H” in the script font was particularly focusing — it often made the logo look like it read “Aomes.”

The new logo still features a yellow “sun” rising over a roofline with chimney, a nod to the builder’s signature use of fireplaces that, according to company lore, helped it grow because no other builders were offering them.

The angles of the roof now appear in the same dark blue as the logotype, making them stand out much better than the “negative space” approach previously used.