QVC gets a new logo

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Television shopping network QVC is rolling out a new logo design.

  • “The new logo combines a square representing the many screens through which customers connect with QVC, a circle reflecting the constant conversation QVC creates with and among its customers, and a line echoing both an open door to a vibrant community and the handle of a magnifying glass that stimulates discovery,” reads a statement.
  • The new design replaces the one introduced in 2007:

  • Notably, both logos feature an emphasis on the “Q” in the network’s name.
  • Where the old logo was thick and had similarities to “material design” concepts, the new one is thin and boxed in.
  • Also like the old logo, the “Q” has been custom drawn to be distinctive — with an elegant “foot” in the new one in place of the “folded paper” look on the old one.
  • While the new logo was inevitably designed to be “icon friendly” and allow the “Q” to stand alone without having to bastardize the overall logo, the effect of two identical “Qs” right next to each — in cases when the full three letters are used — can be a bit odd.