Starbucks shares its new branding strategy with the world

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Starbucks has introduced what it calls a new “creative expression” — which is really just a fancy way of saying brand standards.

  • The coffee giant outlines the changes to its primary brand in a new website.
  • However, one thing that hasn’t changed is its iconic green “siren” logo.
  • In fact, Starbucks notes the familiar green in the logo is a jumping off point for its new base color palette.
  • While the siren logo is still in “Starbucks Green” (PMS 3425), it has also added “Accent Green,” “Light Green” and “House Green” to the mix.
  • Additional shades include black, white and “Warm Neutral” and “Cool Neutral.”
  • The site also outlines the company’s standard fonts: Sodo Sans, a sans serif, Lander, an on-trend expressive serif, and Trade Gothic, a condensed sans serif alliterative.
  • Sodo Sans and Lander are both custom fonts created just for Starbucks (though there are multiple other fonts named with some variation of “Lander,” none of them match the one Starbucks shows on its website).
  • The website also notes that the company is “moving away” from hand lettering typography, but may still add “custom modifications” to typefaces when an “artful touch” is needed.
  • The website also covers the company’s approach to voice, illustration and photography.