Target’s Every Spring logo design

In continuing with its strategy of creating owned brands that are available exclusively at its stores and website, Target has launched a line of sustainable, earth friendly household products under the “Every Spring” banner.

  • The line, which launched April 22, 2019, initially features 70 items.
  • All products, which were developed in house, include biobased, recycled or natural fibers.
  • Initial products include cleaners, hand soaps, laundry care and paper products.
  • In many ways, the line goes head-to-head with brands such as Method, Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyers, all of which Target carries.
  • For a logo design, Target stacked the two words in the name on top of each either in a clear, elegant serif with prominent curves that suggest leaves.
  • That notion is driven home by the dot on the “i” that sits just inside of the negative space left between the “v” and “e” — which has been replaced with a more literal leaf shape.