Warner Music’s record label rebrands

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Warner Bros. Music has changed its name to Warner Records and also unveiled a new logo design.

  • The company is owned by Warner Music Group.
  • Warner Music Group was previously a subsidiary of Time Warner, but was sold off in 2014.
  • Time Warner has since been sold to AT&T, which rebranded the division as WarnerMedia.
  • In its new name, Warner Records, the label dropped the “Bros.” reference.
  • The main Warner Bros. name, meanwhile, still lives on as a WarnerMedia subsidiary.

  • Along with the name change, Warner Records also dropped its Warner Bros. inspired shield logo in favor of a bold sans serif wordmark.
  • The logotype also includes a large circular element with its bottom “cut off.”
  • According to the company, the icon can be read as a sun, globe or record.
  • In the logotype, meanwhile, the word “Warner” is nudged over a bit farther that “Records,” which is also cut off along the baseline.
  • The placement of the words allows the letters to “wrap” around the circle and also aligns the right side of the “R” with right side of the “D.”
  • Earlier this month, Warner Music’s Warner Chappell Music and Warner Chappell Production Music unveiled a rebranding and logo redesign as well.