What is an owned brand?

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An owned brand is brand of products or services owned by another, larger company or brand and typically available exclusively through them.

  • The concept of an owned brand can be compared to “generic” or “store brand” except that typically owned brands use names and design that don’t have as clear as a connection to the store.
  • For example, Kroger’s grocery stores carry Kroger branded items, but the chains also offer “Simple Truth,” which would be more of an “owned brand” since it doesn’t have a direct reference to Kroger and uses a separate logo design and branding.
  • In some cases, stores may keep their connections to owned brands subtle — not wanting shoppers to realize they are actually buying “generic” products.
  • Other stores, such as Target, are more open about their own brands and position them each with a unique value proposition and invest heavily in product design and development.