Amazon adds ‘Amazon Day’ delivery option

In addition to rolling out default one day shipping to Prime members, Amazon has also introduced an “Amazon Day” delivery option.

  • This new option, which is available to select ZIP codes, lets users consolidate all deliveries to one day a week.
  • This day can be selected by the customer.
  • All items delivered during the window for a particular customer’s selected day will be delivered on that day.
  • Amazon is billing the option as a way for deliveries to become “predictable.”
  • The move could also save Amazon money by potentially combining multiple smaller orders into a single shipment or delivery stop.
  • In addition, the move also appears to be designed to encourage more purchases — “Keep adding items throughout the week and we’ll deliver everything on your Amazon Day” reads the Amazon website.
  • While increasing purchases is good — especially “impulse buys,” at least on the surface, it also can also cause shipping costs to add up quickly, especially if the orders are relatively small.
  • By consolidating deliveries to a single day, Amazon could potentially make even smaller purchases more profitable since the cost of delivery is split up among more items.