As buyers snap up Prime Day deals, Amazon workers brace for ‘two months of hell’

While shoppers love Amazon’s now annual (and two day) “Prime Day” shopping event, some of the people who work for the company don’t.

A private Facebook Group for Amazon warehouse employees that boasts 18,000 members has been buzzing with messages about the upcoming busy period.

“It’s gonna be like two months of hell for us no matter what, especially since they’re doing the damn one day shipping and we can all hardly keep up with the regular orders with one day shipping,” a  member wrote.

Last year, Prime Day triggered shoppers to snap up over 100 million products — and this year the event has expanded.

Working conditions at Amazon fulfillment centers has come under increasing scrutiny as workers share stories of long hours, high temperatures and no bathroom breaks.

Amazon defends its practices and how it runs its over 140 fulfillment centers, saying it has taken steps to address the concerns it has received.

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