Beeketing says reveals how it’s moving on from Shopify

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Shopify app developer Beeketing says it’s moving on from Shopify.

Shopify announced it would no longer support Beeketing apps starting Aug. 27, 2019 due to what it called “inadequate support” and “abuse of our marketing tools.”

Beeketing, meanwhile, has said it is moving forward under the names “ShopBase” and “The OpenCommerce Group” — the former of which has a stated mission statement that seems to take a not-so-subtle shot at Shopify.

“… being free to choose their service providers instead of leaving all the power to one side,” reads part of the statement the company issued.

Beeketing also notes that non-Shopify customers can still use its products.

The company says that it will be moving forward working on the ShopBase brand to provide drop shipping and print on demand services.

However, few details are available, with the company asking users to sign up for an email list to receive updates.

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