Mailchimp is boosting prices on ‘legacy’ plans

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After a well publicized spat with Shopify, email marketing service Mailchimp has taken the step of raising prices on some of its most loyal, longtime customers.

  • In an email sent to customers on “legacy” pricing plans, Mailchimp announced it was raising prices on these old accounts.
  • For example, a $150 plan will now be priced at $189 a month come October — that’s a hike of over $450 a year.
  • “We’re making these changes because over the last 10 years, we’ve continuously improved our email product and added a number of new channels to our marketing platform so you can get more out of Mailchimp, but we haven’t updated our legacy pricing plans,” reads the email.
  • In May, Mailchimp also changed its terms of service to update how it tallies “audience” — which is a key factor in how it bills.
  • These changes mean that unsubscribed, “non-subscribed” contacts count toward that figure — meaning higher monthly fees.
  • Along with the changes in May, Mailchimp did introduce a feature that removes “archived” contacts from the formula used to calculate pricing, but it requires account holders to handle that manually.
  • This comes at a time when Mailchimp has taken heat — and likely lost customers — after its integration with Shopify was discontinued.
  • Although no official data is available, popular Shopify communities and forums saw a dramatic spike in conversation surrounding migrating away Mailchimp when its app was removed from the Shopify app store earlier this year.