The “big three” in shipping as well as a major name in payments have made Morning Consult’s “most loved brands in America” list for 2019 — and the rankings also reveal interesting trends for retail and ecommerce brands.

  • In the overall rankings, UPS comes in fourth, the U.S. Postal Service sixth and FedEx 8th.
  • PayPal, meanwhile, ranks 21st.
  • In addition, ecommerce giant Amazon is the top most loved brand.
  • Other retail brands with ecommerce divisions on the list include Home Depot (5), Dollar Tree (9), Lowe’s (11), Target (15), Walmart (18), Walgreens (20) and Disney (23).
  • For “Gen Z,” consumers currently ages 18-21, none of the three major shipping companies make the top 25 list — even though the list includes major retails and ecommerce names Amazon (4), Walmart (7), Target (8), Nike (12) and Dollar Tree (19).
  • Millennials (ages 27-37), rank Amazon (3), Target (5) and Dollar Tree (7) ahead of UPS (10), USPS (11) and FedEx (15). Disney is ranked 17th.
  • For Gen Y (ages 38-53), Amazon (2) comes before UPS (4), USPS (8) and FedEx (10), with Home Depot (5) PayPal (12), Dollar Tree (16), Lowes (18) and Levi’s (19).
  • Boomers (ages 54-72) rank UPS highest, with USPS in third and FedEx fifth. Home Depot (2), Lowe’s (4), Amazon (6), Ace Hardware (12) and Dollar Tree (19) round out the retailers on the list.
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