Shopify and Spotify team up to allow artists to sell merch to listeners

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Shopify and Spotify have announced a new partnership that appears to embrace the long running joke that companies that are often mistaken for each other (at least according to autocorrect) thanks to their similar sounding names.

The partnership, announced Oct. 20, 2021, allows musicians to sell merchandise through the Spotify app — on their Shopify stores.

Those with a Spotify for Artists account can link their music account with ecommerce account and then choose three products to showcase to listeners.

Shopify’s platform still handles all the commerce functionality.

Spotify is not charging any fees for the service, but normal Shopify fees still apply to all sales, including both monthly fees for using the platform and applicable transaction fees.

The companies’ deal comes as live entertainment starts to make a comeback after the coronavirus pandemic — and merch sales are often a big component for artists to increase revenues beyond just the ticket price.

Many artists also already sell merchandise online for those who can’t make it to live events — or who decide later they’d like to buy — so this new integration appears aimed at helping artists make a little extra money as pandemic restrictions evolve.

Shopify already has a deal with TikTok that makes posts “shoppable,” similar to deals it has with Instagram and Roku.

The Shopify-Spotify integration is available to artists based in all countries where Spotify is available, but for now only listeners in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand will see products and be able to buy through the app.

Shopify is offering artists a free 90 day trial if they sign up via the Spotify for Artists account.