Shopify announces key theme updates

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

At its annual Unite conference, Shopify announced updates to what it calls the “core” of the online store, which includes multiple new features with Shopify themes and how merchants control the look and feel of their digital storefronts:

  • Shopify is bringing the sections to every page. Previously, sections were only available on the homepage or, with select themes, on secondary pages. However, using sections on other pages was clunky and often required customizing code.
  • Shopify is introducing “master pages,” which dictate how all pages a certain type look and feel. If a change is needed, the store owner just needs to update the master page.
  • Shopify is adding “starting points” that will allow merchants to get up and running faster by setting a new theme or store to a starting point and then add in their content.
  • In a significant change to theme architecture, Shopify theme files will no longer hold information about content and other settings. This will make it easier for merchants to change themes without having to manually transfer over content.
  • Shopify is also adding a new “draft” feature that lets merchants test out new features and code on a “staging” version of their site.
  • App developers will also be able to leverage sections to insert widgets and other app interfaces and functionality.
  • Finally, Shopify is updating the user interface for themes.

Shopify says the new features will be available to store owners “later this year.” However, Shopify partners can see a variety of documentation to get ready for the changes.