Shopify (finally) debuts new app store

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Shopify has finally unveiled its new app store — a process that’s been a long time coming.

  • The new Shopify app store incorporates hints of the “indigo” color scheme Shopify introduced with its design system Polaris.
  • The new homepage features a search box, “staff picks,” “trending apps” and category based browsing.
  • The new design removes most straight corners with a subtle curved one.
  • The launched of the new Shopify app store has been a long time coming — with many app developers frustrated with how long the process has taken.
  • Other developers have complained of little to no communication from the Shopify app team about the status of listings, including seemingly errant notifications of incomplete updated listing pages.
  • Individual apps have a larger headline area with embedded video, along with a three column feature area and a better organized information and pricing section.