Shopify rolls out updates to Linkpop service

By MixDex Article may include affiliate links

Shopify’s Linkpop link in bio tool has rolled out some feature updates.

The tool, which originally debuted in the spring of 2022, allows users to select a handle off of the domain “” that then, in turn, can include links to social media profiles, websites and more. This link can then be used on social media profile pages that often limit how many links can be included, allowing brands to capitalize on clicks from them.

As an ecommerce platform, Shopify added in the ability to showcase products that can be purchased directly through the same interface, though this is optional.

In its July 15, 2022, release, Shopify announced additional customization options including a background image, button styles and more color options for links. It also adds the ability to embed multimedia.

Another new feature is that a single account can now be linked to up to five Linkpop pages without having to log out and back in to manage them — an important feature for social media managers or store owners who might run multiple brands.

Shopify is also touting Linkpop as being “twice as powerful” with the claim that “Shoppers are 2x more likely to buy through a Linkpop shoppable link compared to other link in bio tools thanks to our fast, secure checkout,” though it does not provide a source for that information.

It also briefly mentions that the service is “faster,” though does not elaborate.