Shopify updates partner, API program terms conditions

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Shopify has notified partners and developers leveraging its API or partner program of some key updates to its terms and conditions.

  • Partners are no longer permitted to try to get Shopify customers from leaving Shopify to use another ecommerce platform. “In exchange for being a member of our partner ecosystem and having access to countless merchants, we require that our partners do not actively encourage our merchants to leave the Shopify platform,” reads the notice.
  • Shopify is also cracking down on development stores that are set up as working stores by officially announcing that they can only be used to process “test orders.” “They are not meant to bypass the need for a paid Shopify plan,” said Shopify.
  • API users must now pass all data relating to a merchant’s customers collected on behalf of the merchant, excluding any sensitive personal information, back to Shopify.
  • Shopify is also now explicitly stating that all checkout and payment processing must go through Shopify checkout system. Shopify is now requiring partners or app developers who create services or apps that bypass the Shopify checkout to get written permission from Shopify.
  • The terms have also been updated to prohibit developers from multiple applications that offer substantially the same services.
  • For the full partner terms and conditions, click here.
  • For the full partner program agreement, click here.