CNN+ show ‘Go There’ signs off thanking ‘Neil’s mom’

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CNN+’sGo There” signed off with a shout-out to its “most loyal viewer” — “Neil’s mom.”

The show, which uses control room audio as a way to transition between stories and locales, aired its last edition April 28, 2022, after CNN announced it would shut down CNN+ two days earlier than planned.

Correspondent Bill Weir, reporting from a wind turbine field in Texas, noted “we’re gonna keep doing it … whatever form that takes, under whatever banner, we’re here for ya.”

“Thank you Bill, kill Bill’s mic,” the director could be heard saying before adding that he “couldn’t agree more.”

The director continued by saying “Thank you to all our viewers, including our most loyal viewer, Neil’s mom.”

It wasn’t immediately clear who “Neil” is, though he is presumably a member of the “Go There” team.

“Thank you, everyone,” he said as the control room could be seen and heard applauding.

The show ended, quite eloquently, with the director saying “Standby master. Three, two, one. Roll A,” at which point the CNN+ vanity card took over the screen.

“Go There” was originally developed as a show for Facebook but become available on other digital platforms before moving to CNN+ with an updated format.

As of April 28, no plans for bringing it back to digital platforms have been announced.