MSNBC cancels two Peacock streaming shows

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MSNBC is canceling two streaming shows.

Zerlina,” hosted by Zerlina Maxwell and the Peacock version of Ayman Mohyeldin’sAyman” will both end in the fall of 2022, the network announced.

Maxwell will remain in her analyst role with the network and will continue to appear on other MSNBC programming.

Mohyeldin will also stay with MSNBC with similar duties, including fill-in anchoring and hosting the weekend show by the same name that airs on linear MSNBC.

MSNBC, like many media outlets, has invested heavily in streaming, including launching standalone and spin-offs featuring a lineup of hosts, most of them with progressive views.

MSNBC started testing the streaming waters with its “The Choice” hub on Peacock.

It was rebranded under just the MSNBC name earlier in 2022 when the network also announced it would make much of its primetime lineup available on demand about 24 hours after airing on the linear channel.

These programs were only available to premium Peacock subscribers and had to be delayed due to the network’s agreements with cable providers that typically bans any live streaming simulcasts.

The network then started to fill the hub with original analysis and opinion programs with a mix of hosts.

These programs relied largely on advertising to generate revenue, despite being restricted to paying subscribers (streaming rights and royalties are complicated, but it’s likely that programs such as these use a different model than films and entertainment TV series that can involve a complex set of revenue sharing), so if they failed to attract viewers, it likely didn’t make sense to continue them.

Peacock, like most streaming outlets, does not release ratings for its programs, so it’s not exactly clear how many people were watching the shows. However, it’s also hard to imagine the network would cancel two shows that were performing well and generating ad revenue unless there is a larger strategy at play.

Whether these shows being canceled is a sign that original news and analysis content isn’t viable on streaming remains to be seen. There are numerous factors that go into making a show successful — no matter where it broadcasts. Both of MSNBC’s shows had relatively unknown hosts and everything from segment topic selection and length could affect how many people watch.

NBC also offers NBC News Now, a completely free, ad-supported news streamer that includes rolling anchored coverage during much of the day, repeats of shows such as “Dateline” as well as originals such as “Top Story,” “Hallie Jackson Now” and “Meet the Press Now.”

“Meet the Press Now” was created after MSNBC removed “MTP Daily” from its schedule in favor of moving it to streaming.