‘Jeopardy!’ Clue Crew member leaving show

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

Jeopardy!” Clue Crew member Jimmy McGuire is leaving the show after 21 seasons.

Maguire was one of the original team of on-air personalities that the syndicated game show debuted in 2001 to travel around the globe and deliver on-screen, video clues from on location.

The original team included Cheryl Farrell, McGuire, Sofia Lidskog and Sarah Whitcomb Foss. Farrell and Lidskog exited the show previously.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, the show has slowly reduced its use of Clue Crew clues, and at least some of the ones still appearing may have been taped before travel became more complex and risky. Combined the Clue Crew has traveled to dozens of countries and every continent on Earth. When Alex Trebek was still alive, he would also sometimes travel with or to other locales to appear on-camera reading clues as well.

Most of the clues were taped in either unique outdoor settings, museums or other landmarks and would often include the talent holding an artifact or item related to the clue or, at times, even dressing up in costumes or other related attire.

During Season 38, Maguire somewhat inexplicably became the show’s stage manager, possibly as a way to keep him employed during the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions on traveling that likely made it difficult for the show to continue to tape clues. Around this same time, Foss was named a producer on the show.

It’s not clear if she will remain with the show or not going forward or if the show plans to resume taping Clue Crew segments either with Foss or some new talent yet to be announced.

The show did recently announced it plans to start taping in front of a live studio audience again starting in August 2022, a practice that was scuttled early in the pandemic.

In addition to presenting clues, the Clue Crew has also been used to represent the show at public events, including at select contestant auditions.

When the concept was launched, some viewers lamented that it took away time from Trebek’s reading of the clues, though the on-location shots eventually become a key part of the show even as team members left.