Sources say Mayim Bialik isn’t fitting in at ‘Jeopardy!’ — for some pretty sexist reasons

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

A report in OK Magazine says the insiders at “Jeopardy!” aren’t happy with how Mayim Bialik is fitting in with the staff and crew — but the reasons are pretty lame and, quite frankly, a bit sexist.

Besides vague references to her allegedly wanting to do things “her own way” and her “eccentricities,” the only specific complaint given is that Bialik is apparently insisting on selecting her own wardrobe — and some of those choices have apparently raised eyebrows among fans and producers.

This source’s comments are pretty sexist. A male host wanting to do things “his way” would likely be chalked up to being a strong leader.

And a male host would likely be cast as either not caring about wardrobe or, if he did, would be described more as a gentlemen of taste rather than be painted as a fashion diva.

As for being “eccentric” — that also tends to be more of a negative quality when talking about females. Male celebrities are known for having their own oddities and seemingly strange demands and requirements, but somehow that’s written off as being more entertaining, whereas females with eccentricities are painted in a more negative, demanding light.

It’s also worth noting that television personality of either sex being involved in wardrobe selections is hardly a rare thing in Hollywood.

Many celebrities even have riders in their contracts that let them approve all wardrobe selections and, in some cases, keep all the clothing that either the show paid for or were provided for free or discounted rates under a promotional consideration deal.

Depending on the show, hosts often come in for fittings before taping, where they are presented with a variety of choices and, as the name would imply, get to try them on. Outfits that don’t fit well may be eliminated or marked for alteration.

Even after the show spends the time and money to have clothing altered, there are numerous tales of celebs throwing fits at the last minute and demanding a different outfit.

Male personalities can be just as demanding as females, too. For example, it’s not uncommon to see male TV personalities preening in front of mirrors before going on air. Some male TV personalities have been known to be picky about how their neckties are knotted and preventing them from going flat or how to make their suit jackets lay perfectly on their frame.

During the late Alex Trebek’s years, his wardrobe was provided, in exchange for a promotional listing in the credits, by Perry Ellis and he had at least some input in selecting what he wore (he also got to keep most of his clothing — which he often would end up donating to charity).

Bialik’s clothing choices have been called out as unfashionable on social media, which is, again, a pretty sexist thing to comment on.

Quite frankly, males have it much easier — they put on a suit and tie and they’re pretty much ready to host anything. That look even fits in perfectly with the intellectual feel “Jeopardy!” likes to give off.

Women, on the other hand, don’t have it quite as easy. Bialik (or any female guest host) can’t really stand behind the “Jeopardy!” lectern in a full gown like Vanna White on sister show “Wheel of Fortune.” Haute couture or designer clothing would likely be a bit too flashy and draw too much attention to the host.

So, that limits the choices for a female hosting a show that takes itself very seriously and pretty much leaves pantsuits and more conservative dresses to pick from.