Has NBC fired Megyn Kelly?

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On Jan. 11, 2019, NBC announced that it had officially parted ways with Megyn Kelly.

  • Prior to the announcement, NBC canceled her daytime talk show “Megyn Kelly Today” and effectively canceled her short lived newsmagazine show “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.”
  • It’s likely debatable whether Kelly was “fired” from NBC.
  • Although NBC did take action against her by cancelling her show, whether she was fired, resigned or left via mutual agreement with NBC is likely spelled out in the exit deal she signed and may never be fully revealed.
  • Despite her not appearing on air on NBC and both of her shows shut down, Kelly was still technically employed by NBC until the date set out in the deal in the Jan. 11, 2019 announcement.
  • NBC and Kelly’s legal team reportedly negotiated heavily over the remaining value of the reported three year, $23 million yearly salary deal she inked with NBC after exiting Fox.
  • Sources say Kelly will walk away from NBC with close to $30 million, essentially the full value of the remaining time on her contract.
  • Her exit deal reportedly contains a non-disparagement clause, preventing her from speaking ill of NBC.
  • However, it does not, according to published reports, contain a noncompete clause, a common fixture in TV anchor exit deals that prevents the person from taking another on air job for a set period of time.