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What chairs do ‘NBC Nightly News’ and ‘Morning Joe’ use?

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NBC Nightly News” and “Morning Joe” use a variety of high end office chairs, many of them designs by Eames, though they have been widely replicated by other furniture makers, making it easy to find something similar for your home or office.

Laura Davidson Furniture SOHO Soft Pad Management Chair

Lester Holt uses a chair similar to this design, which features thicker padding for more comfort.

These other chairs have similar looks to chairs used on other NBC shows.

Poly and Bark Tremaine Drafting Chair in Vegan Leather, Black

This chair, available from Amazon, is not available in red, but is a close match the general design of the ones on “Meet the Press.”

Laura Davidson Furniture SOHO Eames Style Ribbed Management Office Chair

These chairs aren’t bar or counter height and don’t include a foot ring, but they are similar to the chairs used on many NBC News sets.