Where can I buy the area rug on ‘Today’ show set?

The rug seen during segments of “Today Third Hour” is leftover from the “Megyn Kelly Today” set.

  • After the cancellation of “Megyn Kelly Today” in October 2018, NBC replaced the show with an extension of “Today” that it calls “Today Third Hour.”
  • The new show used Kelly’s set in Studio 6A until Jan. 4, 2019.
  • Starting Jan. 7, 2019, production of the third hour to Studio 1A, the home of the other three hours of “Today.”
  • Throughout its run, “Megyn Kelly Today” used a variety of furniture and area rugs, including the one now being used in 1A.
  • Much of the furniture used in Studio 1A also appeared in Studio 6A.
  • There has been no immediate announcement on what will be done with 6A, though a modified version of it was used for a film festival preview Jan. 17, 2019.