Why isn’t Wendy Williams talking more about her divorce?

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Despite numerous reports that Wendy Williams has filed for divorce from her husband, Kevin Hunter Sr., the talk show host — who thrives on celebrity gossip — has yet to officially acknowledge the split on her show.

  • Although Williams mentioned being “single” on her show, she did not mention Kevin’s name or specifically mention a divorce.
  • Hunter, who released a separate statement, also did not specifically mention divorce.
  • She was also quiet on the matter, even as numerous reports indicated her marriage was over, for several months.
  • Many fans called her out for her lack of transparency.
  • Williams did subtly address the apparent double standard on air and seemed to indicate that once the divorce was finalized she would return to the unspoken “no topic is off limits” policy she has.
  • So, why is Wendy not talking about her own divorce more openly?
  • First, there could be legal reasons for her not discussing her own divorce more openly on air.
  • Any statement made on air would, basically by definition, be on the public record, and could be used in future legal proceedings against her.
  • In addition, as with many high profile splits, her divorce may involve a confidentiality agreement, non-disclosure agreement or non-disparagement agreement that may prevent her from making any direct statements now or in the future.
  • Wendy could have also opted to not directly discuss her own personal life in order to maintain civil and polite despite her estrangement from her soon to be ex-husband — in consideration of her son, Kevin Jr.
  • Meanwhile, Kevin Sr. was removed as executive producer of the show and had his name taken off the credits.
  • Williams has also reportedly beefed up her security.