Will Lauren Cohan return to ‘Walking Dead’?

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Following ABC’s cancellation of “Whiskey Cavalier” means that Lauren Cohan is available for a full time gig again — so will she return to “Walking Dead”?

  • Cohan was reportedly renegotiating her deal with the AMC show when she left the show’s full time cast to star in the much hyped ABC thriller drama “Whiskey Cavalier.”
  • However, “Whiskey Cavalier” didn’t last beyond one season, which means Cohan is presumably available again.
  • Cohan still made appearances on “Dead” during Season 9 — a move that could prove to be wise given the fate of “Whiskey.”
  • Though Cohan is presumably available to work full time on “Dead,” now that “Whiskey” is done, no announcement has been made yet.