A look at the Bloomberg Quicktake logo design

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After relaunching its streaming service TicToc under the name Bloomberg Quicktake, the service also released a logo design that uses an interesting take on the letter “Q.”

Bloomberg (as a company) started using a bold Helvetica-ish font in 2015 after switching to a customized version of Avenir Next for a few years. Prior to that, it used a more geometric sans serif.

Avenir still remains in some instances, such as select on screen graphics on Bloomberg Television as well as on the new Quicktake’s screens as well.

Quicktake itself uses what appears to be a custom drawn logotype with that seems to combine elements from both the corporate logotype and Avenir.

The first letter, “Q,” is created using what is essentially an “O” with an underscore-like mark offset slight to one side that’s meant to be read as the “slash” or “foot” of the “Q.”

This element can also be used on its own in applications such as bugs and social media icons and avatars.

The name also appears on screen written out in the custom Avenir typeface, which itself has a unique capital “Q” that doesn’t use the traditional diagonal line in the lower right corner of the rounded element, but instead has a “foot” that flows out of the baseline of the glyph.

Other notable parts of the Quicktake logo are the “u” that sheds the vertical stroke on the right side along with sharp, defined angles in the two “k”s and one “t.” The “a” is also decidedly more circular.

It’s also worth noting that “QuickTake” (notice the camel case) was previously used as a franchise name within the Bloomberg TV offering and started life with an elegant serif typeface.

When plans for the rebranding of TicToc were first announced in late 2019, the service was once against styled as “QuickTake” with the tagline “by Bloomberg” and showcased a circular teal logo with a “fraction”-like element with a “Q” in the numerator and “T” in the denominator space.

Interestingly, this version appeared to use Avenir for both the QuickTake logotype and tagline below — but strayed from the more typical Avenir “Q” in favor of one with a small curved “tail.”

Since then, however, the company removed the capital “T” from the service, dropped “by” and moved Bloomberg before “Quicktake,” although it doesn’t appear both words always must be used together.