Watch WGN throw an over-the-top welcome to station’s new owners

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Morning forecaster Paul Konrad, who works at WGN in Chicago, posted a video of the station’s morning team welcoming the president and CEO of its soon-to-be new owners, Nexstar Media, in a very, wellm enthusiastic way.

  • The nearly three minute clip shows Perry Sook, CEO of Nexstar and Timothy Busch, the group’s president, pulling up outside the station’s entrance.
  • Konrad and other on air talent and staffers enthusiastically greet Sook and Busch as they get out of their vehicle.
  • Sook seems a bit confused by the whole thing — while Busch appears to be more amused.
  • After bringing the execs inside, Konrad throws back to the studio, where co-anchor Robin Baumgarten has her face in her hands while she laughs at the events.
  • Co-anchor Larry Potash, who seemed amused as well, mentions he finds it odd the exec drove themselves to the station.
  • After an announcement that Sinclair Broadcast Group would acquire Tribune Media, the future of WGN was left in doubt as many analysts predicted Sinclair would need to sell some Tribune stations to gain regulatory approval.
  • In February 2018, an LLC owned by a Maryland businessman with close ties to Sinclair’s CEO tried to acquire the station — with the idea being that Sinclair would operate the station and even have the option to buy it outright later.
  • However, in July of the year, those plans were scrapped after scrutiny from the FCC.
  • Eventually, the entire issue would become moot as Sinclair would drop its efforts to acquire Tribune stations and WGN, which paved the way for Nexstar to acquire the company and its stations.
  • Nexstar, meanwhile, has announced that it will sell WNEP in Pennsylvania, WTKR and WGNT, both in Virginia, to gain regulatory approval.
  • Nexstar has also said it will divest in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Davenport, Iowa; Des Moines, Iowa; Fort Smith, Arkansas; Grand Rapids, Michigan; Hartford, Connecticut; Huntsville, Alabama; Indianapolis, Indiana; Memphis, Tennessee; Richmond, Virginia and Salt Lake City, though which stations will be kept and which will be sold has not been announced.