After some confusion, all major network will carry Donald Trump’s address tonight

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When Donald Trump requested 7 to 8 minutes of airtime from the major broadcast networks for a nationwide address Monday, some confusion emerged.

  • At first, some tweets from CBS correspondents seemed to indicate that CBS was opting out of carrying the address at 9 p.m. eastern.
  • However, a second slew of tweets clarified that the network would.
  • NBC and ABC have also followed suit, as have CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, among others.
  • Democratic leaders, meanwhile, have requested airtime after Trump’s speech for a rebuttal, which is not uncommon with presidential addresses, including the State of the Union.
  • As of early Tuesdays it’s not clear if the networks will honor the Democrats request, though if a feed of the party’s response is provided, it’s hard to imagine it not being carried.
  • Trump’s address comes as most networks are returning to their normal schedules and, in some cases, airing “winter premieres” or midseason replacement debuts.
  • The address will, for example, eat into “Blackish” on ABC, “Ellen’s Game of Games” on NBC, “FBI” on CBS and “The Gifted” on Fox, all of which are listed as new episodes.