Al Roker tags the designer of his colorful glasses in a tweet

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NBC’s Al Roker was already catching people’s eyes with colorful glasses — but a tweet where he tagged the designer is raising eyebrows.

  • Roker tweeted a photo of himself in a yellow pair of glasses from Italian designer Dom Vetro late last week.
  • In the tweet, he tagged the company’s Twitter account.
  • While Roker did not directly endorse the designer, the designer is likely to benefit from the tweet as fans looking to replicate Roker’s style now know exactly who made them.
  • Employees at news organizations such as NBC News are generally barred from endorsing or advertising products or services.
  • However, weather can be a “gray area” in terms of this rule.
  • In addition, mentioning or tagging a company is also a bit of a gray area, especially if there isn’t a direct endorsement.
  • ABC’s “GMA,” for example, has its on camera forecasters mention the sponsor of weather-themed segments, though talent typically doesn’t post on social media about them directly.
  • That said, Roker’s duties on “Today” have extended beyond just weather reporting, including as the de facto main host of the show’s third hour.
  • Reps for Roker and “Today” did not respond to requests for comment.