Anderson Cooper set to inherit most of his mother’s estate

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Despite stating previously he didn’t expect to inherit is mother’s fortune, Page Six reports that Gloria Vanderbilt has left the majority of her estate to her youngest son, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

Vanderbilt, who died June 17 at 95, has reportedly left her Manhattan residence to her oldest son Leopold “Stan” Stokowski.

This is according to paperwork filed in court July 1, 2019.

Her estranged second son, Chris Stokowski, has reportedly been cut out of the will entirely.

Cooper, meanwhile, is reportedly set to inherit most of the remainder of his mother’s estate, though the exact value isn’t immediately clear.

Vanderbilt’s worth had been estimated previously at around $200 million.

Much of that was passed down from her grandfather, Cornelius Vanderbilt II, who made a fortune in the railroad business in the 1800s.

Cooper is already independently wealthy, worth a reported $100 to $150 million, and earns a reported $12 million a year from CNN.

Cooper had said in a 2014 radio interview that he didn’t expect to inherit much from his mother.

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