As Mueller Report is released, Fox shows Trump Wounded Warrior Project event

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After the Mueller Report was released shortly after 11 a.m. eastern, Fox, just like the other networks, covered the story — but split screened coverage with live video of an event Donald Trump was holding at the White House.

  • The event, which was being held in coordination with The Wounded Warrior Project, started around the same time the report was released.
  • There was some interest in the event to see if Trump would comment on the Mueller Report.
  • On Fox, the lower third graphic changed to read “Mueller Report released to the public” while images of the veterans entering the event were shown.
  • After announcing the release of the report, Fox dipped into Trump’s remarks at the event.
  • The network did not, however, carry the full event or remarks and soon rejoined coverage of the Mueller Report, though images of the event were still shown on air, albeit in a smaller box than before.
  • Most other networks only briefly covered the event, if at all.