AT&T exec says HBO Max will be ‘very different’ from any other streamer

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson addressed to upcoming HBO Max launch to investors Monday, Oct. 28 — a day before the launch date, pricing and offerings will be announced.

  • His messaging wasn’t exactly unique — “This is a product that’s going to be very different from anything else that you’ve seen in the market so far,” he said.
  • He continued: “This is not Netflix. This is not Disney. This is HBO Max. We feel very comfortable at these investment levels that we can do something very, very significant in the market and drive some significant subscriber gains. This is going to be a meaningful business to us over the next four or five years. So we’re talking a 50 million subscriber business.”
  • Some investors are concerned that AT&T is jumping into a crowded streaming marketplace.
  • Stephenson noted that the HBO brand already differentiates the service into its own category though did not provide details.
  • Of course, Stephenson’s comments echo those made by other streaming services in the past — including Disney+ and Netflix.
  • While HBO Max is expected draw on the massive library of content from WarnerMedia as well have original productions, it’s not immediately clear how, other than having exclusive streaming rights to certain content, HBO Max will be all that different from other streamers.
  • He also said that because the company sees the venture as so unique, it’s not focusing as much on competition.
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