Australian reporter pulls body from water, updates viewers moments after

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An Australian forecaster pulled a body from the water — and started to rescue someone else — Feb. 6, 2021 while he was assigned to report from a beach experiencing severe swells.

Luke Bradnam, who works for 9News Gold Coast, first spotted a surfer who appeared to be in trouble and headed toward the water to help, but the person was able to make it to shore.

Shortly after, he was alerted to what he thought was another person struggling in the water and stripped off his dress clothing and jumped into the water to help.

Unfortunately, once he and another would be rescuer got closer, it became apparent the person was dead — presumably due to drowning.

Bradnam and the other person did managed to bring the man’s body to shore.

“The two of us were able to secure the body and start making our way through a rip, back into shore,” he said.

“In the heat of the moment, I thought this is someone’s son, it’s going to bring some closure – we’ve just got to do it,” he added.

Bradnam then appeared on air live — shirtless and wrapped in a towel — to bring viewers an update on what had just transpired. The network ran video from the rescue but blurred out the body.

Bradham added that he hopes he never has to experience something like this again.