BBC anchor insists she sees another walrus — but it’s person

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A BBC presenter mistook a person for a walrus of “BBC Breakfast.”

Naga Munchetty and co-anchor Charlie Stayt were showcasing a story about Wally the walrus, who is a sort of local animal celeb.

After a clip of Wally trying to climb onto a boat played, Munchetty asked for it to be played again because she thought she saw another walrus on board the boat.

It was, however, a person, complete with a human head and hair, Stayt noted. Munchetty couldn’t be convinced, however, despite fairly obvious indicators that it was a human.

The person is shown emerging from behind part of the boat’s structure, seemingly standing up and walki9ng toward Wally. While the person was dressed in drab colors that perhaps could be mistaken for walrus skin, there was also a pair of fairly fair skinned legs quite visible.

It’s possible that a large, dark gray torpedo shaped object behind the person might have confused Munchetty — either than or there’s something very odd going on with her vision or the return monitor she was looking at.