BBC anchor poses punny question, then giggles about ‘goat yoga’

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

When you start including goats in your weather report, how could you not risk sending everyone into giggles?

  • BBC News was covering wildfires and the idea of using goats to help cut back on flammable material in nature.
  • “What comes to mind as a way of dealing with that?” said weathercaster Nick Miller. “The goat. The humble goat.”
  • “You’re kidding,” said anchor Blake McCoy, making a pun of the name for a young goat.
  • “I fell right into that,” said Miller.
  • “I’ve been practicing that for hours,” said McCoy.
  • But that wasn’t the end — McCoy and Miller were then reduced to giggles over a photo of “goat yoga.”

Watch the whole exchange below.