BBC swaps the word ‘war’ with ‘more’ — resulting in a big mistake

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The BBC is taking heat for a tweet that misquoted Donald Trump’s speech to the United Nations.

  • The British broadcaster posted, in a now deleted tweet the network reported “Donald Trump tells UN General Assembly ‘war will follow’ after his decision to re-impose sanctions on Iran.”
  • However, upon further review, the word “war” was actually the word “more.”
  • The BBC posted multiple clarifications and corrections to the tweet.

  • These tweets, some of which have since been deleted, contained what some view as the flippant hashtags “#HonestMistake,” “#OurBad” and “#Oops.”
  • CNN reporter Hadas Gold compared one of the BBC’s tweets to basically being an “our bad” statement from the network.

  • Conservative media and Trump supporters have taken to social media to criticize the network’s error.
  • Some social media users claim the error could have been a result of unclear audio.