Border Patrol: ‘Cages’ isn’t inaccurate, but we’re ‘uncomfortable’ with word

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CBS News’ Gayle King reports that the United States Border Patrol is “uncomfortable” with the word “cages” being used to describe how people are being held at processing facilities — but it’s not actually inaccurate:

  • King was sent to McAllen, Texas, to report from one of the so called immigrant processing centers.
  • After using the word “cages” on air in a live report for “CBS This Morning,” King returned to air saying that CBS had heard from the Border Patrol.
  • The Border Patrol took issue with the use of the word, though it also acknowledged the word is not inaccurate.
  • “They said it’s not inaccurate but they’re ‘very uncomfortable’ with using the word cages. They said they may be cages but they’re not being treated like animals,” reported King.
  • “I know a lot of people looking at that don’t entirely see the distinction,” noted King.